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WASHINGTON [url=]Nike Air Jordan 6 Mr November Men's Blue Black For Sale[/url] , Sept. 9 (Xinhua) -- Using rubbery materials,scientists at the University of Houston have successfully created anew form of stretchable electronics that holds promise in healthmonitors, medical implants and artificial skins.

In a paper published this week in the journal Science Advances,the researchers described "a completely new strategy" to developelectronic materials that can be stretchable and in format similarto rubbers.

"Conventional electronics materials, especially semiconductors,are brittle and non-stretchable. To enable mechanicalstretchability, a 'structure engineering' strategy of creatingmechanical architectures, such as wavy, serpentine, kirigami, etc.,have generally been employed," said author Cunjiang Yu, assistantprofessor at the University of Houston, who led the study.

"However, such a strategy is associated with complex structuredesign and fabrication, reduced structural stability, and highcost," said Yu.

In their work, Yu and his team developed a naturally stretchablerubber nanocomposite made from all elastomeric materials, includingsilicone rubber and organic semiconducting nano-fibrils.

On this basis, rubbery transistors -- a fundamental buildingblock for circuits -- and rubbery sensors capable of measuringstrain, pressure and temperature have been successfully fabricated.Lab testing showed that they remained functional while stretched by50 percent.

"Our strategy has the advantages in simple fabrication, scalablemanufacturing, high-density device integration, large straintolerance, robustness, and low cost," said Yu.

To illustrate some of the promising wp-contentlications, theresearchers explored use of their sensors as smart skins for robotsby incorporating them onto a glove to enable sign languagetranslation.

A temperature sensing skin implemented on the robot hand alsodetected the temperature of cups filled with hot or cold water.

"Such a class of rubbery electronics and sensors represent thedrastic advancements in electronic materials and soft stretchableelectronics, and will impact the future development in softwearable electronics and a broad range of wp-contentlication areas," Yusaid. Enditem

QINGYUAN, China, Dec. 15 (Xinhua) -- After three victories inher last four starts, world No. 4 Feng Shanshan said on Wednedsaythat she was putting no pressure on herself to become the firstChinese to win her national championship when the Hyundai ChinaLadies Open tees off Friday in Guangdong province.

With South Koreans dominating the first 10 years of theUS$550,000 championship, the China No. 1 said on Wednesday that shewas just hwp-contenty to be back in her home province after a long year toface a strong field at Lion Lake Country Club. The season-endingevent for the China LPGA Tour is co-sanctioned with the LPGA Tourof Korea.

"Of course winning this week would be a feather in my hat andmake this year sweeter. I have won many times on other tours, but awin on the KLPGA Tour is new territory. I haven't done it. This isour national championship, but no Chinese has held aloft the trophyon Sunday," said Feng who last week won the Omega Dubai LadiesMasters for the fourth time in five years.

"There is a great presence from the Chinese this week. I havebeen in great shape since the Rio Olympics (where she won a bronzemedal), Feng Simin has had some nice finishes on the US LPGA Tourand Shi Yuting qualified for the Japan LPGA Tour. The South Koreanplayers are always strong but I think we can put up a great fightagainst them."

After skipping the championship the past two years as it clashedwith her sponsor's Dubai Ladies Masters event, the 27-year-old Fengsaid she was looking for a strong performance this week after nevercontending during her previous wp-contentearance at Lion Lake in 2013 whenWorld No. 7 Jang Ha-na raised the trophy.

"Three years ago, I didn't play great. This golf course is notfar from my home. I have played here a couple of times since then.It could be a great challenge with firm greens. It's all about thewind. Now it is windy out there. If the wind picks up you must beaccurate. I am comfortable with my accuracy now. Recently it isgreat."

With four wins worldwide and US$1.45 million in prize money onthe US LPGA Tour this year, the Guangzhou native said despite herstrong performances she felt she could do more.

"It is one of my best years, but I can't say it is the best.It's hard to top 2012 when I won my major title (at the LPGAChampionship). I wouldn't compare them. I'd like to say that I amsatisfied with my performance so far this year."

Among a strong group of young Chinese players following inFeng's wake is Luo Ying. The Shenzhen native turned pro earlierthis year after helping the Washington Huskies to its first NCAAnational championship. At the recent US LPGA Tour qualifying schoolshe failed to earn her playing card and will now play full-time onthe development Symetra Tour next year.

"This is our flagship event and also one of most difficultevents to win because of strong South Korean players. But you know,Chinese players have really made great strides recently," said the23-year-old Luo. "I think we have a great chance to win. It'simportant for us to win this event after 10 years' drought. It willbe huge for any Chinese winner." Enditem

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