Monster Hunter World


Increases attack power and defense when health drops to 35% or lower.

Honey Hunter

Increases the quantity of honey you receive when gathering in the field.


Reduces the chances small monsters will attack after spotting you.

Latent Power

Temporarily increases affinity and reduced stamina depletion when certain conditions are met.

Leap of Faith

Allows you to do a dive-evade when facing towards large monster, and extends the dive-evade distance.

Marathon Runner

Slows down stamina depletion for actions which continuously drain stamina (such as dashing).

Master Gatherer

Allows you to gather more quickly, and also prevents attacks from knocking you back while gathering.


Lets you digest mushrooms that would otherwise be inedible and gain their advantageous effect.

Normal Shot

Increases the attack power of normal ammo and normal arrows.


Makes it easier to break of sever parts of large monsters.